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Hyatt & Shipwrecks Beach, Kauai: Angela & Steven (Featured Wedding)

Hyatt & Shipwrecks Beach, Kauai: Angela & Steven (Featured Wedding)

shipwrecks beach kauai wedding photography 1

Angela, at the Hyatt near Shipwrecks Beach, Kauai.

The Grand Hyatt and Shipwrecks Beach, Kauai

were the scene of a wonderful wedding on Friday December 9th, 2016, between Californians Angela and Steven. We have married hundreds of people but this bride was one of Timory’s favorites. Before the wedding, they chatted and laughed about the similarities and differences between California and Hawaii. Also, being December, it was Christmas season in Hawaii, which adds a festive and celebratory touch to your Kauai wedding day.

Getting Ready Photos – Always Fun!

If you’re thinking about a Kauai wedding, consider having some getting read photos done. On this occasion, Timory arrived at the bride’s room at the Grand Hyatt on Kauai while the hairstylist Stephanie was finishing her hair. Stephanie had taken Angela’s medium length blond hair and skillfully added extensions, making a gorgeous braided crown. The bride looked stunning in her light pink satin robe and slippers. Timory joked around with her that she should get married in the robe! Timory and Angela had a great time taking a wide array of getting ready pictures, including shots of the rings on the poinsettia flowers.

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Strolling Through the Hyatt on the Way Down to Shipwrecks Beach

Strolling throughout the grounds of the Hyatt is a wonderful experience. There’s so much beauty everywhere – photo opportunities abound… Meanwhile the groom and Joel the wedding officiant (there were no guests) were waiting patiently down at Shipwrecks Beach at the far end near the cliff. The ceremony went off without a hitch. When it was finished you would never have known that it had been raining all week. Timory took the couple up the hill to the top of a cliff before sunset to take some amazing shots across the cliff, including some breathtaking shots of the sun going down over the ocean.

shipwrecks beach kauai wedding photography 4

shipwrecks beach kauai wedding photography 5

Wonderful Feeling, Wonderful Day

The feeling of this Kauai wedding was wonderful, with both the bride and the groom, the photographer married to the minister, and the photographer and the bride creating a new friendship that may easily last for years to come. The weather and sunset were gorgeous. One of the things that made the day so relaxing was that the bride was seemingly unattached to whether it rained or not – she was resolved to the fact that it might rain. So of course she had perfect weather! That type of relaxed attitude is what helped her enjoy her day immensely – oh yeah that and the fact that she was in paradise marrying the love of her life!

Congratulations Angela & Steven!

This wedding was performed by Aloha Ever After, with wedding photography taken by Timory McDonald Photography.

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Swiss Couple Gets Married on Kauai: Sandra and Patrick (Featured Wedding)

Swiss Couple Gets Married on Kauai: Sandra and Patrick (Featured Wedding)

A Swiss Couple gets married on Kauai!

Not something that happens every day … after all, Hawaii is on the other side of the world to Switzerland. However, that didn’t stop Swiss couple Sandra and Patrick from choosing a Kauai destination wedding. The couple got married on Kauai at Tunnels Beach on the North Shore on January 17th, 2017, on a bright sunny day in January, which is supposed to be the “rainy season”. However on that day the weather was perfectly clear without a drop in the air.

married on Kauai 3

married on Kauai 2

Sunny day at Tunnels Beach: what a way to get married on Kauai!

Love is Beyond Language

The parents didn’t speak a lot of English – luckily for us both Joel and I speak German and Spanish (and Joel speaks Japanese too). The family had a hard time parking at Tunnels beach. Even just parking a few cars there turned out to be way more difficult than anyone would’ve thought on a weekday morning during non-peak season. Once everyone finally got their cars parked the wedding started quickly and effortlessly. There were three of us working the wedding, plus the bride, the groom and two guests.

married on Kauai 4

married on Kauai 5

To get married on Kauai often means to do a ring exchange on the beach.

From Switzerland, the Other Side World to Hawaii …

The brides’ parents were unable to make it from Basel Switzerland. One of the most touching moments of the ceremony was when the mother of the groom hugged the bride – you didn’t need to speak their language to see that she loved her like a daughter. There embrace was exaggeratedly long. It was clear that this family was a unit and loved each other deeply.

married on Kauai 6

married on Kauai 7

Exquisite Turquoise Ocean and Scenery

We found a nice shady spot even though it was 11:30 in the morning. We did the service right next to the exquisitely gorgeous turquoise and blue ocean, standing underneath the most magnificent sheer tropical cliff. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful setting surrounded by the lush Napali Coast, plus the amazing whales which are around and jumping this time of the year. And, to top it all off, some of the most exquisite blue and turquoise colors I’ve seen in a long time!

married on Kauai 8

married on Kauai 9

Great Kauai Weather for Wedding Photography

After the ceremony we took some group photos and then the bride, groom and I went in the sun to the waters edge for a couple shots. The weather could simply have not been more perfect. It was hot enough to want to stand in the shade but not uncomfortably hot – it was so sunny it may taking pictures easy and once they were edited the colors were magnificent. There was just the right amount of cloud cover to be comfortable and yet make the photos pop.

This couple decided to rush their photos for only $40 and received them 3 days later – they were thrilled!

Congratulations Sandra and Patrick!

This wedding was performed by Aloha Ever After, with wedding photography taken by Timory McDonald Photography.

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married on Kauai 11

Tunnels Beach, Kauai: Matt & Ryan (Featured Wedding)

Tunnels Beach, Kauai: Matt & Ryan (Featured Wedding)

Tunnels Beach, Kauai,

was the scene of a beautiful, picture-perfect sunset on Sunday, Sept 23rd, 2016, for the wedding of Matt and Ryan. The sunset was so stunning and gorgeous it looked like a postcard, with gentle touches of pink draped across the fading blue sky. Against this Tunnels Beach backdrop 20 people gathered, all dear family and friends of Matt and Ryan, to celebrate a love they were finally able to legally consummate.

tunnels beach featured kauai wedding 1

tunnels beach featured kauai wedding 2

Tunnels Beach: Wide and Long, With Bali Hai Mountains in the Background

There is a reason why Tunnels Beach is chosen by so many brides and grooms doing a destination wedding on Kauai. During the summer months, the sun actually sets into the water, providing a truly spectacular sight. Tunnels Beach has it all: a wide long beach, calm waters, nearby jungle and forest, and towering mountains surrounding you on one side – the unique shape of Bali Hai. The jagged outline of Bali Hai is often used in tourist commercials advertising Kauai as a holiday destination.

tunnels beach featured kauai wedding 7

Wedding Ceremony: Touching and Emotional

The wedding ceremony itself was touching, with Matt and Ryan both choosing to write their own vows, which they read aloud before exchanging rings. They involved their 10 year old daughter in the ceremony, by including her in the traditional Hawaiian lei exchange at the beginning. Matt and Ryan both wore the open green ti leaf leis, traditionally worn by men, while they daughter wore a purple-and-white orchid lei.

tunnels beach featured kauai wedding 8

tunnels beach featured kauai wedding 9

Amazing Beach Wedding Photos

Some wedding groups are more friendly, outgoing or photogenic than others. This group was particularly joyful, which made it easy for photographer Timory McDonald to bring out the best in them and capture some great shots. The group was composed of babies, young children, other married couples and family elders; the group photos thus reflected a wide spectrum of ages and interests.

Congratulations Matt and Ryan!

This wedding was performed by Aloha Ever After, with wedding photography taken by Timory McDonald Photography.

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tunnels beach featured kauai wedding 6

Lydgate Beach, Kauai: Adam & Francesca (Featured Wedding)

Lydgate Beach, Kauai: Adam & Francesca (Featured Wedding)

Lydgate Beach, Kauai,

was the scene of a most unusual – but romantic – wedding on Wednesday, October 26th, 2016. Adam and Francesca had decided to get married on Kauai, and when the big day arrived, it was raining on almost every side of the island. We eventually found a secluded little shelter or hut right next to Lydgate beach where they could get married near the ocean, despite the Hawaiian rains. However, rain on your wedding day is considered a blessing in Hawaii.

lydgate beach kauai featured wedding 6

lydgate beach kauai featured wedding 2

A Misty Tropical Hawaiian Beach Wedding

Lydgate Beach is a great Kauai wedding location because it is private, not often frequented by tourists, and features many secluded areas. It is normally also dry and sunny at sunset, but on this occasion, the rain had set in. Despite this, we actually conducted the wedding in the open, right next to the shelter. Adam and Francesca actually exchanged vows while the minister (Joel) prompted them in the mist!

lydgate beach kauai featured wedding 3

lydgate beach kauai featured wedding 5

Wedding Music with “Love Song” (by the Cure) on Ukulele

The atmosphere of the wedding ceremony was augmented by Aimee Brown, a superb vocalist who also played traditional Hawaiian ukulele wedding songs. Adam and Francesca had requested a special song for them: “Love Song” by the Cure. Aimee played it right at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, right after they had been declared husband and wife.

lydgate beach kauai featured wedding 7

lydgate beach kauai featured wedding 8

A Day to Remember Forever

Some brides have a fixed idea of what they want on their wedding day. This is fine, however if you are choosing to have an outdoor wedding in Hawaii, you can’t control the weather! Francesca was a very relaxed bride who flowed with the conditions and was happy regardless. They were a couple that was clearly and deeply in love. They will remember their wedding day forever thanks to the rain. The next day, which was dry, Timory did some wedding photography for them at another location, so now they have 2 sets of photos instead of just 1.

Congratulations Adam and Francesca!

This wedding was performed by Aloha Ever After, with wedding photography taken by Timory McDonald Photography.

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How to Prepare Your Bridal Party for Wedding Portraits

How to Prepare Your Bridal Party for Wedding Portraits

wedding portraits

Learn what you need to do to prepare your bridal party for the after-ceremony wedding portraits, including tips on styling and making a master list.

Wedding portraits

are an aspect of the ceremony for which many people in your bridal party may be unprepared. After all, some people may be following you all the way to Kauai for your Hawaii destination wedding to have fun, let their hair down and celebrate! You, however, may be counting on them to step in front of the camera and say “cheese” when they are told by the wedding photographer. Read on to learn about making your photo list, styling and posing, and how to communicate what you want. With this info, you’ll successfully prepare your bridal party for their part in the keepsake beach wedding portraits that will bring back all the memories of that special day!

Make a List and Check It Twice

Making a master list for you, your wedding party and your photographer will be a great help when it comes time for family pictures. Keep these things in mind:

  • Work with your photographer on a detailed photo list and give it to every person in your bridal party. It should include who, when, and where. For example: Parents of the bride at 3:00pm by the water fountain.
  • Pad the times a little to account for delays.
  • Have kids go first.
  • Your photographer is a professional and knows which shots to take of your bridal party. However, if there are any creative poses or specific locations that you’ve been dying to use, put it on the list.
  • Put someone in charge of ensuring everyone is present when it’s their time to smile.

With a master list, your photoshoot will run like clockwork.

Styling and Posing

The biggest thing to remember about styling and posing is to trust your photographer. He or she knows how to show off everyone’s best features in the wedding portraits. Here are a few other pointers:

  • Carry the “feel” of your wedding into your pictures. If it’s a black tie affair, you’ll want formal portraits. If it’s a wedding with a kick-back vibe, you’ll want spontaneous and fun snapshots.
  • If using any, assign someone to bring props, hand them out, and then gather them up.
  • If a child isn’t looking and smiling, maintain your composure. It’s confusing and overwhelming for the child when many adults make different demands at once. Then, if the child does smile, the adults aren’t ready. Let the photographer use his or her own tricks.

The best pictures don’t always have perfect styling and poses but instead have personality and genuine smiles.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

The number one thing you can do in preparing your wedding party for pictures is to communicate the following items well beforehand:

  • The list
  • The styling and posing
  • The assignments
  • The desired lack of drama and stress

Remember, trust your professional photographer and you’ll forever look back on your wedding portraits with a smile.

For Kauai wedding photography or any other aspect of your wedding planning, contact Timory McDonald Photography today!

Most Popular Kauai Wedding Poses and Why

Most Popular Kauai Wedding Poses and Why

kauai wedding poses

A classic Kauai wedding pose on the beach.

Would you like to learn the best and most popular Kauai wedding poses

for your beach wedding on Kauai? Try these fun Kauai wedding poses during your photography shoot, using the sun, sand and water to your advantage. You’ll see why they’re so popular with our brides and grooms!

The Sun

Seek the sun when it’s setting for a gorgeous backdrop to your poses. For a dreamy look, cuddle up together and gaze over the ocean letting the golden light bathe your faces. For a more dramatic look, create a dark silhouette by holding hands with the bright orange sky in the background. Or, use the sun itself as a prop to light up your kiss! You can even pose so that the low setting sun goes exactly between your mouths when you kiss (see the Kauai wedding pose on our home page).

These Kauai wedding poses are popular because when you have your photographs taken early in the morning or right before sundown, you’ll get astounding red and orange tones that the Kauai sunsets are famous for.

The Sand

Sand is a given at any beach wedding, so why not make it one of the stars in your photographs? Write your names, draw a heart, or leave a romantic pair of footprints in the sand. You can even incorporate other natural elements such as starfish or sea shells.

These Kauai wedding poses are popular because our brides and grooms love walking barefoot on our soft sand which lends a relaxed, happy feeling to their photographs.

The Water

Using the water as a natural element in the scene brings something a little unpredictable to your bridal and wedding photos. Capture crashing waves, spot your reflection, walk hand-in-hand as the water laps at your feet, or get extra playful and go deeper into the water for some fun shots.

These Kauai wedding poses are popular because you’ll capture the awe and grandeur of your big day when you use the ocean as your backdrop.

Kauai Wedding Photography

Celebrate your special day on the beach and cherish those memories forever when you use the professional services of Timory McDonald Photography in Kauai.

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