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Featured Kauai Family Photo Shoot: Kealia Beach

Featured Kauai Family Photo Shoot: Kealia Beach
kauai family photo shoot 8

Pretty! This featured kauai family photo shoot has some girls in sync.

Our featured Kauai family photo shoot

took place on December 20th, 2016, at Kealia Beach, Kauai. Right before Christmas we had the opportunity to meet a lovely family from California who were out here on Kauai for their parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. The 5 siblings decided to gift their parents with a long overdue photo shoot of the whole family. The siblings had contacted Timory McDonald Photography ahead of time, splitting the cost of the photo shoot so it didn’t cost any of them very much money.

The Best Way to Incorporate the Surprise Element with Women and Photo Shoots

Additionally, we planned to do the whole thing as a surprise, and we love surprises! However we‘ve learned over the years that while it’s a great idea to surprise a woman with the photo shoot (you can’t go wrong with offering her photos) … it’s not always a good idea to spring it on her right in the moment. A woman needs to be ready, with her hair and makeup the way she feels comfortable, in order to enjoy the pictures! So the mom and dad were told that they were going to take some family pictures with their iPhones down at the beach – the surprise was that it would actually be Timory, a professional photographer.

featured kauai family photo shoot 8

Family Photo Shoot with A Christmas Theme

Since it was right before Christmas, Timory met with the siblings right before the photo shoot to come up with a plan to make it as festive of a surprise as possible. She drove up in her white SUV, decorated as Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, put on a Santa hat and met them right next to the bike path full of Christmas joy and enthusiasm as she wished them a happy 30th wedding anniversary surprise as well as “Merry Christmas”!

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Great Variety of Backdrops for Photos

One of the 5 siblings was a very wonderful disabled man in a wheelchair. Timory had gone early to find the perfect location where we could get a picture with the beach in the background but still keep him on the cement bicycle path. We took a surprisingly large selection of background shots given that we only left the path once. For instance, we took pictures near a tree with the ocean background, just an ocean background, trees and pine trees surrounding the sand and the ocean and we even went down to a bridge to have a river and the ocean in the background. It was a wonderfully varied 60 minute photo shoot!

featured kauai family photo shoot 1

Happy Anniversary and Happy Holidays

The clients were very happy. We received this testimonial about their featured Kauai family photo shoot:

“Thank you again for the quick turn around with the photos. They turned out amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Best ~ Hannah

Happy 30th wedding anniversary and happy holidays to Hannah and all her family!

This family photography shoot was taken by Timory McDonald Photography.