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Featured Kauai Proposal: Adam & Joy, Anini Beach

Featured Kauai Proposal: Adam & Joy, Anini Beach
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Joy and Adam – our featured Kauai Proposal.

Our featured Kauai proposal

took place on December 20th, 2016, at Kealia Beach, Kauai. It was the beach chosen by Adam for his grand surprise: a Kauai proposal! After contacting Timory McDonald Photography, we had excitedly (and secretly) planned out how the proposal was going to work. The plan included Timory dressing up as a tourist who just so happened to be walking along a beach. Then, with camera in hand, she would snap the magic moment when Adam got down on one knee to pop the question. As it turned out, Joy was completely surprised – and said “Yes”!

Starting Out With a Bang

This was a fabulous experience – it was fun to help a young man because dreams can come true, especially if they get off to a good start like a romantic Hawaiian sunset proposal. All Adam had to do was contact us, put down a small deposit and then Timory came up with some amazing ideas which she presented to him over email and phone. Adam and Timory weaved together their ideas to make it a very personalized proposal.

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Featured Kauai Proposal – Making It Purple on Anini Beach

Adam ended up choosing Anini beach so we could see the sunset clearly. Timory arrived early to set everything up, spread rose petals around and create a magical picnic area. Adam had told Timory that Joy liked purple, so we came up with a beautiful picnic basket, a lovely drink and surrounded the romantic scene with her favorite treats and special purple decorations. The blanket was at the edge of the water with the beautiful sound of the lapping waves a nice gentle breeze while the sky was filled with colors and birds.

Timory Pretended to Be a Tourist

Adam wanted everything to be a surprise so Timory pretended to be a tourist on the beach so she could capture the entire moment as it happened spontaneously. Joy just thought she was showing up for a photo shoot, so she was looking beautiful and feeling good about herself which is important for every woman. Then she got an amazing photo shoot of the most romantic proposal you can imagine and everyone involved felt great!

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Featured Kauai proposal: The Plan

Adam came out to a certain designated point Timory had marked in the sand for him. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him – she was shocked and in tears and loved every second of it. Once Adam had popped the questions, Timory came in closer to get special pictures and Joy still had noticed her – so finally Timory told her that she’d helped plan the surprise and that she was the photographer for it too! Joy was so excited to know that the once-in-a-lifetime moment had all been caught on camera by a professional. 

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Proposals Have One Thing that Weddings Don’t

Wedding proposals have one thing that wedding ceremonies do not – the element of surprise. Unlike the wedding companies who strictly do weddings only (just the ceremony), Timory McDonald Photography is happy to all parts of the wedding process – from proposal to ceremony to reception. We understand that for many men, dealing with the added aspect of surprise makes the proposal more stressful, especially on a place far away from home like Kauai, which many are visiting for a holiday, vacation, destination wedding or honeymoon. However, we are here to help. We are ready and willing to provide you with any assistance you need for a Kauai proposal, including doing all the planning and suggesting romantic ideas and touches to make it an extraordinary moment for your fiancée.

Congratulations Adam and Joy!

This Kauai proposal was photographed by Timory McDonald Photography.

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