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Kauai Beach Wedding Locations Explained

Kauai Beach Wedding Locations Explained

Many Kauai beach wedding locations offer stunning backdrops such as this cloud reflection.

Kauai beach wedding locations

are numerous throughout the Garden Island. Kauai has been blessed with extraordinary natural beauty, from lush green jungles to towering cliffs to botanical gardens to majestic mountains. Of course, the beaches are wonderful too, and quite varied. Some are crowded, some are deserted; some are rocky, some are sandy; some are super dry and sunny, while others are prone to having overcast weather. Here’s an overview of the main Kauai beach wedding locations, sorted by which side of the island they are on.

North Shore Kauai Beach Wedding Locations

The North Shore of Kauai is truly spectacular. It is the wettest and most lush part of the island, home to scenic views, thick vegetation and the charming crescent-shaped Hanalei Bay. There are several outstanding beach wedding locations on this part of Kauai, including Ke’e Beach (at the very end of the road near the start of the Kalalau trail), Tunnels Beach (a little further along from Ke’e, with a gorgeous backdrop of the Bali Hai mountains) and Hanalei Beach itself.

Pros: Great backdrops for photos, expansive scenery

Cons: Generally wet, high chance of rain in the “winter” months (September to March)

East Side Kauai Beach Wedding Locations

The East Side of Kauai is the most populated, yet strangely, the beaches themselves are less crowded and more private than elsewhere. This is because Kauai’s more famous beaches are either on the North or South Shore. The East Side offers some mostly unknown yet lovely beaches such as Lydgate Beach and Nukolii Beach.

Pros: Private beaches, central location near hotels, restaurants and entertainment

Cons: Beaches sometimes have a lot of driftwood

South Shore Kauai Beach Wedding Locations

One great thing about the South Shore of Kauai is that it is consistently dry and sunny, making it a good Kauai beach wedding location if you are worried about rain on your special day. The South Shore includes Poipu Beach and Shipwrecks Beach – the latter being the most famous and popular beach on the island. While Shipwrecks is certainly picturesque, it is often crowded and home to many beach weddings occurring simultaneously.

Pros: Almost always sunny, located near many hotels

Cons: Beaches are popular and crowded, some such as Shipwrecks often has multiple weddings occurring at same time

West Side Kauai Beach Wedding Locations

The West Side of Kauai is very dry, dusty and desert-like. It is sparsely populated with very few hotels or restaurants. Not many people choose to get married on a West Side Beach, but there are some options, the main one being Polihale, a remote and rugged expanse of beach far away from the main highway.

Pros: Almost always dry and sunny

Cons: Very remote, not close to hotels and restaurants, beaches such as Polihale difficult to access

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