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Kauai Family Photos at Hanalei Bay

Kauai Family Photos at Hanalei Bay
kauai family photos 1

Kauai family photos: Christy Ensign and family at Hanalei Bay.

Kauai family photos

are always fun to do at Hanalei Bay. What a location! A beautiful family from Utah contacted us to do photos at Hanalei Bay so they could use some Kauai Family Photos for years to come as well as for their family Christmas card. It was December 18th, 2016. When they arrived, we met Christy Ensign and her beautiful family – she had 5 sons ranging in age from 13 to mid 20s. The oldest had already married, so one of the “kids “was a 25-year-old beautiful blonde. The whole family was Mormon and they lived in Salt Lake City.

Wearing Shorts in December?!

They were thrilled to be out here in such gorgeous weather and wind. Their mom asked them to wear khaki shorts or pants. It was easy for them to all show up wearing khaki on the bottom and white on the top – I was surprised that not one person in the family had to buy anything new. When I look carefully at the pictures I realize that no one actually had the same shirt and same shorts, yet they all seemed to match perfectly, looking very much like mainlanders with their perfectly white clothing that no locals. Everyone had big bright smiles … you could tell how happy they were to be in paradise for Christmas!

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Great Weather for Kauai Family Photos

The weather was perfect! When it sprinkled lightly for two or three minutes we went to the end of a pier and took a couple of interesting shots out over the water. Since it was a bright sunny day the issue was not really rain but rather how to pose the family so that they were not squinting. It was fun for them to get their toes in the water and for their 13-year-old boy to be able to look at me instead of the water when I took the pictures.

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Vibrant Colors for Kauai Photography

As expected, the pictures turned out beautifully with vibrant colors of blue in the sky and the water, white with their shirts and the seafoam, brown from the sand and the pier, and to top it all off, vibrant green from the fact that they were standing in the middle of one of the most beautiful tropical places on earth. The end product of the photos had a nice range of group shots, couple shots and individual shots of everyone there including the parents, as well as photos of just the boys, and all the grown up “kids”.

Even though the family met with me only a few days before Christmas they were able and excited to “rush” their photos for a mere $40 and have them within several days. Most photographers here on Kauai charge $75 and would not do that right before Christmas! We aim to please with our Kauai family photos!

This Kauai photography was taken by Timory McDonald Photography.