Kauai Wedding Receptions

Need help planning your Kauai Wedding Reception?

Here at Timory McDonald Photography, we also coordinate Kauai Wedding Receptions – grand or intimate, whether it be at a private location, restaurant or a Kauai hotel or resort.


A balmy sunset in the tropics: Kauai Wedding Receptions can be truly magical.

If you’ve come all this way to have a Kauai Destination Wedding, why not celebrate with a Kauai Wedding Reception as well? We love planning events and celebrations, and can help make you dream wedding reception come true – from unique decor ideas to banquet food to tents to DJs to dance floors to Hawaiian hula dancers to belly dancers to fire dancers. The options are endless; let us know your budget and we’ll help create the perfect celebration within that framework. Remember, if you have an idea which isn’t featured here, Timory McDonald will make it happen.

We would love to help you with your Kauai wedding reception, no matter what size! Below is a gallery of Kauai wedding receptions we have planned and photographed over the years.

Kauai Wedding Receptions: Hotel, Garden and Private Venues

Kauai Wedding Receptions: Restaurant Reception

Kauai Wedding Receptions: Decor

Kauai Wedding Receptions work well with tropical themes. For instance, this one combined the contrast of lace and burlap with a tropical touch of coconut and pineapple:

Here are some other ideas for reception decor, using candles, accents and a whole range of beautiful tropical flowers:

Kauai Wedding Receptions: Dancing

Dancing, of course, is a super fun part of any reception! We can organize DJs, musicians, bands, dance floors (if you are having the event outside in a tent) and a host of other exciting entertainers such as hula dancers, belly dancers and fire dancers.

Kauai Wedding Receptions: Cakes

Kauai Wedding Reception: Celebratory and Intimate Moments

What would Kauai wedding receptions be without all the funny moments?

Kauai Wedding Receptions: Some Basic Tips

Our video below gives you a great overview of where to begin: