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How to Prepare Your Bridal Party for Wedding Portraits

How to Prepare Your Bridal Party for Wedding Portraits
wedding portraits

Learn what you need to do to prepare your bridal party for the after-ceremony wedding portraits, including tips on styling and making a master list.

Wedding portraits

are an aspect of the ceremony for which many people in your bridal party may be unprepared. After all, some people may be following you all the way to Kauai for your Hawaii destination wedding to have fun, let their hair down and celebrate! You, however, may be counting on them to step in front of the camera and say “cheese” when they are told by the wedding photographer. Read on to learn about making your photo list, styling and posing, and how to communicate what you want. With this info, you’ll successfully prepare your bridal party for their part in the keepsake beach wedding portraits that will bring back all the memories of that special day!

Make a List and Check It Twice

Making a master list for you, your wedding party and your photographer will be a great help when it comes time for family pictures. Keep these things in mind:

  • Work with your photographer on a detailed photo list and give it to every person in your bridal party. It should include who, when, and where. For example: Parents of the bride at 3:00pm by the water fountain.
  • Pad the times a little to account for delays.
  • Have kids go first.
  • Your photographer is a professional and knows which shots to take of your bridal party. However, if there are any creative poses or specific locations that you’ve been dying to use, put it on the list.
  • Put someone in charge of ensuring everyone is present when it’s their time to smile.

With a master list, your photoshoot will run like clockwork.

Styling and Posing

The biggest thing to remember about styling and posing is to trust your photographer. He or she knows how to show off everyone’s best features in the wedding portraits. Here are a few other pointers:

  • Carry the “feel” of your wedding into your pictures. If it’s a black tie affair, you’ll want formal portraits. If it’s a wedding with a kick-back vibe, you’ll want spontaneous and fun snapshots.
  • If using any, assign someone to bring props, hand them out, and then gather them up.
  • If a child isn’t looking and smiling, maintain your composure. It’s confusing and overwhelming for the child when many adults make different demands at once. Then, if the child does smile, the adults aren’t ready. Let the photographer use his or her own tricks.

The best pictures don’t always have perfect styling and poses but instead have personality and genuine smiles.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

The number one thing you can do in preparing your wedding party for pictures is to communicate the following items well beforehand:

  • The list
  • The styling and posing
  • The assignments
  • The desired lack of drama and stress

Remember, trust your professional photographer and you’ll forever look back on your wedding portraits with a smile.

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