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Beach Wedding Photography in Kauai

A soft ocean breeze that gently tousles your hair as you cross a sandy beach at sunset to marry your love of a lifetime is truly one of the most romantic images any bride or groom can imagine. Timory McDonald Photography provides amazing talent and a keen eye, and has shot that perfect picture many times as part of some of the most beautiful beach wedding photography Kauai has to offer.

Poise and Expertise, in Every Situation

Beach weddings are always stunning and already have that romantic and whimsical ambiance every bride and groom dreams about. With years of experience on her side, Timory has the knowledge that allows for optimal beach wedding photography in every situation.

If part of the wedding party is late, or if Mother Nature decides not to cooperate, Timory understands what needs to be done for a successful and stress-free wedding photo shoot. She makes the whole process feel easy, comfortable, and fun—no matter the situation.

Beach Wedding Tips and Advice

As a former wedding planner, Timory has experienced the ins and outs of every type of wedding, but beach weddings happen to be one of her favorites! She is full of great advice and tips that will help you prepare for your big day.

Secret Spots and Secluded Beach Locations

Timory has lived on Kauai for many years and knows the most romantic spots on the island. She is willing to go wherever you want, and she has a good eye when it comes to finding the perfect backgrounds for every shot. Her easy-going demeanor and friendly attitude will help you to relax and enjoy your shoot as well as all the beautiful surroundings Hawaii has to offer.


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