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Hyatt & Shipwrecks Beach, Kauai: Angela & Steven (Featured Wedding)

Hyatt & Shipwrecks Beach, Kauai: Angela & Steven (Featured Wedding)
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Angela, at the Hyatt near Shipwrecks Beach, Kauai.

The Grand Hyatt and Shipwrecks Beach, Kauai

were the scene of a wonderful wedding on Friday December 9th, 2016, between Californians Angela and Steven. We have married hundreds of people but this bride was one of Timory’s favorites. Before the wedding, they chatted and laughed about the similarities and differences between California and Hawaii. Also, being December, it was Christmas season in Hawaii, which adds a festive and celebratory touch to your Kauai wedding day.

Getting Ready Photos – Always Fun!

If you’re thinking about a Kauai wedding, consider having some getting read photos done. On this occasion, Timory arrived at the bride’s room at the Grand Hyatt on Kauai while the hairstylist Stephanie was finishing her hair. Stephanie had taken Angela’s medium length blond hair and skillfully added extensions, making a gorgeous braided crown. The bride looked stunning in her light pink satin robe and slippers. Timory joked around with her that she should get married in the robe! Timory and Angela had a great time taking a wide array of getting ready pictures, including shots of the rings on the poinsettia flowers.

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Strolling Through the Hyatt on the Way Down to Shipwrecks Beach

Strolling throughout the grounds of the Hyatt is a wonderful experience. There’s so much beauty everywhere – photo opportunities abound… Meanwhile the groom and Joel the wedding officiant (there were no guests) were waiting patiently down at Shipwrecks Beach at the far end near the cliff. The ceremony went off without a hitch. When it was finished you would never have known that it had been raining all week. Timory took the couple up the hill to the top of a cliff before sunset to take some amazing shots across the cliff, including some breathtaking shots of the sun going down over the ocean.

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Wonderful Feeling, Wonderful Day

The feeling of this Kauai wedding was wonderful, with both the bride and the groom, the photographer married to the minister, and the photographer and the bride creating a new friendship that may easily last for years to come. The weather and sunset were gorgeous. One of the things that made the day so relaxing was that the bride was seemingly unattached to whether it rained or not – she was resolved to the fact that it might rain. So of course she had perfect weather! That type of relaxed attitude is what helped her enjoy her day immensely – oh yeah that and the fact that she was in paradise marrying the love of her life!

Congratulations Angela & Steven!

This wedding was performed by Aloha Ever After, with wedding photography taken by Timory McDonald Photography.

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