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Swiss Couple Gets Married on Kauai: Sandra and Patrick (Featured Wedding)

Swiss Couple Gets Married on Kauai: Sandra and Patrick (Featured Wedding)

A Swiss Couple gets married on Kauai!

Not something that happens every day … after all, Hawaii is on the other side of the world to Switzerland. However, that didn’t stop Swiss couple Sandra and Patrick from choosing a Kauai destination wedding. The couple got married on Kauai at Tunnels Beach on the North Shore on January 17th, 2017, on a bright sunny day in January, which is supposed to be the “rainy season”. However on that day the weather was perfectly clear without a drop in the air.

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Sunny day at Tunnels Beach: what a way to get married on Kauai!

Love is Beyond Language

The parents didn’t speak a lot of English – luckily for us both Joel and I speak German and Spanish (and Joel speaks Japanese too). The family had a hard time parking at Tunnels beach. Even just parking a few cars there turned out to be way more difficult than anyone would’ve thought on a weekday morning during non-peak season. Once everyone finally got their cars parked the wedding started quickly and effortlessly. There were three of us working the wedding, plus the bride, the groom and two guests.

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To get married on Kauai often means to do a ring exchange on the beach.

From Switzerland, the Other Side World to Hawaii …

The brides’ parents were unable to make it from Basel Switzerland. One of the most touching moments of the ceremony was when the mother of the groom hugged the bride – you didn’t need to speak their language to see that she loved her like a daughter. There embrace was exaggeratedly long. It was clear that this family was a unit and loved each other deeply.

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Exquisite Turquoise Ocean and Scenery

We found a nice shady spot even though it was 11:30 in the morning. We did the service right next to the exquisitely gorgeous turquoise and blue ocean, standing underneath the most magnificent sheer tropical cliff. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful setting surrounded by the lush Napali Coast, plus the amazing whales which are around and jumping this time of the year. And, to top it all off, some of the most exquisite blue and turquoise colors I’ve seen in a long time!

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Great Kauai Weather for Wedding Photography

After the ceremony we took some group photos and then the bride, groom and I went in the sun to the waters edge for a couple shots. The weather could simply have not been more perfect. It was hot enough to want to stand in the shade but not uncomfortably hot – it was so sunny it may taking pictures easy and once they were edited the colors were magnificent. There was just the right amount of cloud cover to be comfortable and yet make the photos pop.

This couple decided to rush their photos for only $40 and received them 3 days later – they were thrilled!

Congratulations Sandra and Patrick!

This wedding was performed by Aloha Ever After, with wedding photography taken by Timory McDonald Photography.

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