New Beginnings. There is an excitement in the anticipation of what is to come with all new beginnings, but especially with a wedding. The story of your lives together is still yours to write, no matter how many years you’ve been together. There’s something idealistic and magical about that.

Our Kauai wedding photography is not just pictures of a day, a moment or a glance; it’s a snapshot of unrealized potential. It’s the creation of a story out of a collection of images that not only show the first moments of your marriage, but also the very first moments of the rest of your lives together.

We’re here to document your wedding day the way you want it. We can be up close, doing whatever it takes to reveal the wonder of Who You Are as a couple. We can be unobtrusive and stand back from afar. Or we can be both – whichever way you prefer.

Our photography is not only taking and editing photos, but also capturing your essence as individuals and together as a couple.

Life’s too short to get your wedding day wrong!


“I consider it my job to do what you need, when you need it – even before you ask.”

– Timory McDonald


About Timory

kauai-wedding-photography-timory-mcdonaldTimory McDonald started in the wedding business years ago as a wedding planner, and owns and operates her own full service wedding coordination company to this day. She deeply understands the inner workings of every aspect of weddings, brides and family involvement (or lack thereof), and she brings this experience to every wedding photo shoot she performs. She’s a natural at stepping in and doing what’s needed in such a wide variety of unexpected situations to make things go smoothly.

With a friendly and easygoing personality, she is able to quickly connect with people, no matter what their background, ethnicity or age … which comes in handy when you want a lot of high-quality, in-depth photos in a short amount of time. She is a detail-oriented photographer who gets you that amazing shot that stops people who walk past it as they say, “Wow, what a great photo!”

Photography is her passion! It is indeed an art form.

She was raised in California and has lived on Kauai since 1999. She is a world traveler (having been to 45 countries and lived in 4) and speaks Spanish and a little German. She is the proud mother of 2 adorable toe head boys (her experience as a mother comes in very handy during photo shoots with kids!).