Kauai Beach Wedding & Photography Advice

Would you like some free wedding photography advice and tips? Take a look at some frequently asked questions below.

Choosing a Photographer

Should I Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Professional photographers will have the best equipment, the best editing abilities, and they have experience finding the perfect shots. Professional photography is not something to skip out on on your wedding day. You will be grateful having those perfect pictures to remember each special moment.

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 How to Choose a Kauai Wedding Photographer

When looking for a wedding photographer on Kauai, choose somebody who has experience in the area, has a style you love, is detail oriented, is afforadble and is organized. These traits will help ensure your wedding photos turn out just the way you want.

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How Far in Advance Should I Book a Wedding Photographer?

It’s best to hire a wedding photographer at least 6 months in advance, but if you have longer to plan your wedding then it is beneficial to secure one up to 18 months before your wedding date so can get the photographer you prefer.

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Why Choose Timory McDonald Photography?

We are passionate about photography and can provide you high quality images at an affordable price. We will do what it takes to get the best image, but will be flexible to what style suites you best.

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Hawaii Beach Wedding Location Info

How Do I Choose the Right Hawaiian Island for My Wedding?

When planning a Hawaii beach wedding, you have plenty of options. From Oahu with the big city, to Kauai with lush views of undeveloped land, to Maui with world-class resorts, the islands are full of beautiful, sandy beaches – each one with a different flair.

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Which Beach on Kauai Is Best for My Beach Wedding?

Our personal favorite beach for a wedding in Kauai is Lydgate Beach. Offering beauty, privacy, and rainy day options, it’s a superb Kauai wedding location, but there are a variety of secluded beaches to choose from.

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 What Type of Sunset is Best for a Beach Wedding?

There are a few good beaches that offer sunsets that dip behind the water for those couples who want to get a shot of the sun behind them, but we encourage couples to consider a beach that is opposite of the setting sun to get a sky full of color.

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 What if it Rains During my Hawaii Beach Wedding?

About 90% of days in Hawaii are considered “good weather” day. However, always have a plan in place. If it does rain, it’s usually a short burst and will be over in 10 to 20 minutes.

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What Are My Best Options for Kauai Wedding Reception Venues?

>Beaches, waterfalls, tropical gardens, resorts, and historic churches are just some of the unique options we have for your Kauai wedding reception venue.

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Photography Timing Advice

How Much Time Do I Need to Schedule for Wedding Photography?

The time needed for your wedding photography can be anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the length of the ceremony and the number of guests to photograph. If you would like your photographer at your reception then that would be additional time to add.

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What Is the Best Time of Day to Take Beach Wedding Photos?

For photos with the most flattering natural light, sunset is the best time of day to take them. Start your photoshoot 90 minutes before the sun actually sets.

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What Is the Best Time of Year for a Beach Wedding on Kauai?

With pleasant weather year round (only varying 15 degrees) and an average of 240 days with sun, it’s always the perfect time of year to get married in Kauai!

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Planning Your Beach Wedding Look

What is the Best Style Wedding Dress for a Beach Wedding?

Plan on a dress that is easy to walk through the sand in and that matches the relaxed style of the beach. We recommend a simple, slim silhouette in a lighter weight material with simple details.

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What Is the Best Hairstyle for a Beach Wedding in Hawaii?

With the wind and humidity in Hawaii, it’s usually best to have your hair swept into an updo to keep it off of your face and looking beautiful all day long.

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Makeup Tips for a Beach Wedding in Hawaii

Makeup can be a challenge for a beach wedding in Hawaii. Basically, you want to always apply sunscreen, use a tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundation, and apply waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Also, have some blotting paper on hand to keep your face looking fresh all day.

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What Shoes Should I Wear for a Beach Wedding?

You don’t want to wear heels on the beach, but other than that your options are limitless! You can wear espadrilles, dressy sandals, casual flip flops, glamorous foot jewelry, or even go barefoot. No matter which style of shoe you choose, be sure to get a pedicure so your feet will be photo ready!

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What Kind of Flowers are Best for a Beach Wedding?

You have abundant choices in flowers for your Hawaii wedding. From orchids and plumerias, to leis and bouquets, you’ll enjoy access to stunning island colors and scents. Just avoid flowers that can’t resist heat.

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Other Wedding Photography Info

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Photos

You want your Kauai beach wedding to be perfect so follow these top tips for getting the best wedding photos and making the process easy and fun!

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Do I Need a Wedding Permit for a Beach Wedding?

Yes, permits are needed for weddings on the beach, but typically your wedding planner (such as Aloha Ever After) will handle obtaining the wedding permits for you.

Does Timory McDonald Take Engagement Pictures?

Yes we do! We would be happy to help recommend places, poses and styles for you.

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